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Found 16 results

  1. Eisenhower easily put away Pryor today. But can they do the same to Tulsa Memorial Friday in the semi-finals? Will the Eagles win a second straight 5A title?
  2. Due to budget cuts, Tulsa Public Schools has approved the proposal to "change seventh- and eighth-grade athletics programs from grade-specific to combined teams at each junior high or middle school." Each school would have one team each in football, boys’ basketball, girls’ basketball, boys’ soccer, girls’ soccer and girls’ volleyball. How do you think this will effect Tulsa sports, if at all?
  3. The OCA announced its 2016 All-State Roster. These are the players who were selected to play for the Large West. Do you agree with the list? Was anyone left off that you felt deserved to be on it? Curtis Haywood II – MustangDarius Roy – Lawton EisenhowerDaShawn McDowell – SoutheastJakolby Long – MustangKellen Manek – HarrahKristian Doolittle – Edmond MemorialMarcus Dickinson Jr. – Norman NorthMarquis Johnson – Putnam City WestMicah Speight – Putnam City NorthPatrick McKaufman – Douglass
  4. Cache has seemingly fired girls basketball coach Kenny White after the incident in which he ordered a player to hit an Elgin basketball player in the face last year with a basketball. But should White still be able to hold onto the head volleyball coaching position at Cache?
  5. Should high school basketball in Oklahoma initiate a shot clock. There seems to be varying opinions with a variety of reasons. Take a minute to vote plus share your opinion in the forum. If you like the idea what should be the length of time...30 - 35 - 45 shot clock?
  6. With Norman North junior Trae Young possibly heading to Findlay Prep in Las Vegas or Montverde Christian Academy in Orlando for his senior year, will we start to see more of the state's top basketball players head to prep schools outside Oklahoma?
  7. While votes are still being counted to determine the Three Rivers ALL-VYPE basketball team members, who should be the coach of the year, girls and boys? Girls: Several names to consider include Chris Brown at Howe, Doyle Rowland at Muskogee, Larry Callison of Sequoyah Tahlequah, Jeff Weedn of Preston, Scott Hensley of Hilldale, Jerry Walker of Fort Gibson and Bunyan Johnson at Beggs. Boys list of candidates would include Jay Herrin of Sequoyah, Gary Hendrix of Fort Gibson, Dirk Walden of Preston, Chad Clark of Okay Which coaches deserve the award? Girls? Boys? All eleven names mentioned above, their teams reached the state tournament. Is there another coach that should be on either list?
  8. Brackets for the OSSAA state basketball tournaments are ready to tip-off on Thursday...who's your picks to win? Here's mine choices - agree or disagree? Class 6A: Girls - Muskogee Boys - Edmond North Class 5A: Girls - Claremore Boys - Memorial Class 4A: Girls - Fort Gibson Boys - Tulsa Central Class 3A: Girls - Washington Boys - Heritage Hall Class 2A: Girls - Dale Boys - Preston
  9. My vote would go for Newcastle coach Brett Sanders as the girls coach of the year. Think he did more with less in turning around a hapless program. Boys coach has to be Putnam City West Lenny Bert. Just on the fact the Patriots beat Edmond North and Norman North in back to back nights to win state title a year after team flamed out in state tourney. What are yours?
  10. With Douglass winning its sixth state championship in the past seven years, how does this Trojans run of titles compare to other Oklahoma prep dynasties?
  11. What needs to happen for the 5A-6A basketball championships to return to the Oklahoma City area? Will they continue to be the domain of Tulsa from here on out?
  12. Caleb Nero and Derek Guest combined for 41 points in Memorials 64-44 win over Eisenhower. Are Nero and Guest the best tandem in the state?
  13. Can Broken Arrow be stopped from winning back to back 6A girls basketball titles?
  14. IMG_0851.m4vIMG_0851.m4vSo yesterday I started posting my daily rant on the forums. That one seemed pretty popular so I hope this one is as well. Remember if you don't agree with what I say, tell me about it! Today's rant is all about college basketball. I've had this opinion for a couple years now but it seems some people haven't heard it. Or maybe nobody cares. Either way I'm going to tell you again. COURT STORMING IS BAD FOR COLLEGE BASKETBALL. Personally I think we should ban all court storming ever. Don't give me the excuse that it's just kids having fun. They don't storm the court at KU, they don't storm the court at Duke, they don't storm the court at Kentucky, they don't storm the court at North Carolina. Guess what? Those kids are having just as much fun. I think if you do it, you get a severe penalty. I'm talking like first offense is the University pays the NCAA fine of $150,000 severe. The reason being is that it's dangerous. Last year a K-State fan who stormed the court sought out KU forward Jamari Traylor and body checked him. Kudos to Jamari for not decking that 150 pound ginger because I'm not sure I could've kept my cool. Had he punched that guy things would've gotten ugly in a hurry. In another game last year Bill Self was pinned against the scorers table and unable to get to his guys or get to the tunnel. What if he would've been hurt? Earlier this year a reporter actually had her leg broken in a court storming incident. Luckily he wasn't trampled on after he went down but it could've been even worse than it was. You should never see an incident like we saw at the Malice in the Palace where players go into the stands. Why is the reverse ever ok? Fans should never be allowed on a court. End of story. This topic was sparked again in my mind when after Arizona lost last night to Colorado the Wildcats coach said after the court was stormed that one day what will happen is an Arizona player is going to punch a fan in self defense when the court gets stormed. Sadly, he's probably right. It will probably have to get that bad for someone in charge to take notice. Just in case though I'm here with the solution. If students celebrating with players and coaches after a big win is important than the first thing that needs to happen is everybody that needs to get off the floor needs to be allowed time to do so. This includes opposing players and coaches and media members covering the game. Once they are out of the picture; storm the floor to your heart's desire. Now let's be clear there are also rules to court storming that everyone needs to follow and I have done you the great service of listing them below. 1. You may only storm the floor if you are an unranked team and just defeated a team ranked in the top 10. If you are a ranked team and beat another ranked team well that's just dandy but you NEVER storm the floor. 2. If you play at an arena with a historic reputation aka Hilton Coliseum or Gallagher-Iba you are never allowed to storm the court. EVER. This rule also applies to K-State because they decided to nickname their arena The Octagon of Doom and any arena with that or a similar nickname automatically forfeits the right to ever storm the court. 3. If you are a program that is in the top 5 in all-time program wins you can never storm the floor. 4. If you violate any of the above rules you will be penalized by forfeiting your court storming privileges for an entire year.
  15. As the high school basketball playoffs continue the road to state, I'm scratching my headed pondering the answer to a few questions. Why does Oklahoma determine its basketball playoff pairings two weeks prior to the end of the year instead of making the pairings at the end of the season? Football can. And while there are more teams playing basketball than football it seems to beg of some teams continuously getting an easier road through the playoffs. If the final two weeks don't have any bearing on the playoffs, then why play them. Teams that have front loaded home schedules can too easily have an advantage. In hotly contested football districts first round matchups may not be determined until the last game is played in week ten. Surely basketball can do the same thing. And with the current plight of economics facing our schools, geography should be given even more consideration...especially when it comes to Class 5A and 6A. For example, Booker T Washington and Muskogee boys must travel to Norman North for a first round matchup because of records/rankings used to determined the brackets. Yet teams with worse records, for example in Class 6A girls don't have to travel for whatever reason. I realize the number of 6A/5A schools is greater in the West, but how does U.S. Grant (1-23) get a pass to stay home but Moore (11-13) "gets to travel" to the East. If the formula requires a balanced number of schools each year East and West...wouldn't it make since to determine what teams will be assigned to either side of the state before the season begins instead of waiting two weeks prior to the playoffs. Lastly, does Oklahoma basketball playoffs really need the district rounds for classes 4A-B? we need a separate week so two teams can play each other and then both advance? Just my thoughts...anybody want to step up to the line and take a free throw?
  16. Take a minute to go inside the new VYPE Three Rivers magazine... Check out the odds on favorites to win a basketball state championship. Fort Gibson girls and Preston boys are the area favorites but is there a long shot that deserves consideration?