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  1. I was one of 7 people that voted all night for Jaycee I work nights was off Sunday Monday and Tuesday we got outvoted by over 1500 votes between midnight and 8 am the last 2 nights Steffany Dickersons friends and family which voted all night too. We made it up during the daylight hours when more friends and family could vote my mother and her sister voted from 9 am to 1:30 to 2 am three days in a row. I am responding to the hack post not to get you to believe me but to praise steffanys friends and family who made a great effort to win the poll they know how hard it is to sit at a computer or phone and vote for hours they kept us worried and voting great job your friends and family love you very much to put in that kind of effort fact off the matter I never thought girls softball was so competitive being a football guy boy did I learn something. Lets remember something all the girls on that list are winners.