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  1. Stillwater is modeled after the stadium in Little Elm, TX. Yukon has a great stadium. Even better press box. I hear Rejoice Christian has one of the nicest stadiums for a small school. Kiefer as well!
  2. Stillwater got off to a great start. Do they have what it takes to make the playoffs?
  3. Anadarko has talent and great coaches. Look for the Warriors to make a statement in 3A. Teams will hope they bounce to 4A soon! And Kyle is right, Eason is a stud.
  4. I didn't think they could even release info on a minor. I'm not a lawyer, but……seems like they would want to keep that silent.
  5. I heard that this morning from a source as well. Is it in football or another sport?
  6. Currently Enid is 2-2 (0-1) in district play. They do have wins over Ponca City and Guthrie. If they can find a little something against Choctaw, Stillwater, Deer Creek and PCO they will make it. If they stumble with two of the four then it may come down to district points. Always comes down to winning games right?
  7. two great choices. Yukon is amazing. I also enjoy the smaller fields.
  8. The timeline that I'm aware of is the diagnoses was after the discussed retirement, but to be sure we would need to ask coach Trimble. I think the team is motivated to play and I think coach Trimble is going to lead them to a great season. He's got a ton of support from the team and community. With God's grace coach Trimble will have a wonderful season doing what God called him to do and that's lead young men.
  9. Going to start up front for Jenks. The coaches are excited to see him play this year. We all are!
  10. We've received a few emails about people worried others are cheating on the fast pitch polls. What have you noticed? Our polls are run by Poll Daddy, all we do is post the info. SO……what are your thoughts on the Fan's Choice? Should we do volleyball?
  11. That's a questions people have been asking for a while now. Soccer is another sport that seems to be getting more and more great athletes. In the African American community the number of baseball players has been on the decline. Some point to inner cities not being able to support a large baseball field for kids to play on. Also, with the risk of concussions and the CTE reports I think you'll see more and more players headed to other sports. I think basketball will always get great athletes. Football too. But baseball seems to be dipping. Is there room for kids to still play multiple sports even if they are a DI prospect headed to a big school? I hope so. Would hate to think that a great athlete would only play one and not participate in track or wrestling or baseball because they wanted to stick with one sport.
  12. Is it tough to stand out on a team of standouts? lol No I think he's a solid player. Does that mean he'll be great at OU? If I knew that answer I'd be at OU!
  13. The OSSAA announced a new rule for baseball today. If your pitcher throws over 100 pitches in a game, that player must get four days of rest before pitching again. Each coach will be required to report pitch counts to the OSSAA. So the question is does this help the players/pitchers? Won't they play another position on their days off? Is four games too much? The OSSAA said MLB reported injuries are more common in young pitchers that throw over 100 pitches. The percentage of high school players that are even going to pitch in college is pretty low. Does it help? Does it hurt? Does it matter?
  14. What was the girls name from Chelsea? She pitched an insane amount of no-hitters. Don't remember where she went for college.
  15. I don't, but it certainly helps!