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  1. Who has the most accurate football stats online for high school football. I only see maxpreps, but I'm sure not all players from around state are even on there.
  2. Is that ponca all time team ready?
  3. Best game I been too was Ponca City and booker t Washington back in early 90s only reason it was good game because of booker T band they were the entertainment. Then there was Newkirk and Tonkawa games 1999-2004. Then games I played in 2001-2002 vs. Stillwater was Ponca City @ Enid 2003 Sold out standing room only. 2001-2003 Good games vs Tulsa Union. One game Linda Cavanaugh 2002 Ponca had Union down at halftime 10-3 that was one of the best Ponca City teams, behind 1985 team.
  4. Tyler Collums I forgot about that guy he was on scouting report when I played at Ponca good back he may played TE too.
  5. Good list you made. Most of them 4 guys you named could have easily played at 6A level. When will you do Ponca City not much to chose from, but probably pretty easy to do.
  6. That's a real good DL Russell And J Gibbs were monsters.
  7. Matt Martinez 2001 and then there was good tight in early 2000s. Don't know stats, but they were pretty good.
  8. Goodman and Burtner excellent choices for next year. Goodman watched her play against Pioneer. I had to look at program and went oh my that's a freshmen she played like a junior.
  9. Ponca City And Tonkawa would be two good ones to do.