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  2. I wasn't wrong. Very fun to watch. Next year Ponca City returns all 5 starters.
  3. There is a sophomore named Darian James that plays for the Rock Creek Mustangs is a player to watch
  4. I maybe missing it but i thought the fan choice in softball was going to be published in octobers issue
  5. Lawton High beat Putnam City West 35-28 Thursday night on a pick 6 on the final play of the game. What is the most dramatic ending to a football game you have ever witnessed?
  6. Who has the most accurate football stats online for high school football. I only see maxpreps, but I'm sure not all players from around state are even on there.
  7. Maggi Brown and Jayden Martin from Ketchum High School I have a feeling are going to do great things this upcoming season!!!!
  8. Ketchum vs. Afton seems to get more and more heated every year!! Those games are fun to watch!!!
  9. Stillwater is modeled after the stadium in Little Elm, TX. Yukon has a great stadium. Even better press box. I hear Rejoice Christian has one of the nicest stadiums for a small school. Kiefer as well!
  10. What has happened to Marlow this year? Why are they struggling to win games?
  11. With both Westmoore and Southmoore losing, shouldn't the Jaguars still be ranked ahead of the SaberCats since they won the head to head?
  12. Stillwater got off to a great start. Do they have what it takes to make the playoffs?
  13. Anadarko has talent and great coaches. Look for the Warriors to make a statement in 3A. Teams will hope they bounce to 4A soon! And Kyle is right, Eason is a stud.
  14. So you like the non-regulation size fields @VYPEeditorBRADHEATH? Broken Arrow has a nice stadium with the seat backs. I've heard the Stillwater stadium is pretty nice too. Lincoln Christian has a nice setup and from what I've seen driving by on 169 and in pictures the new Rejoice Christian stadium is incredible!
  15. Week 6 Rankings are up for the VYPE Top 10 High School Football Rankings Who is ranked too high? Who is ranked too low? Who should be in the Top 10 and isn't?
  16. After watching that Jenks-BA game the play along the line is the biggest factor for the Tigers. Yeager didn't have time to throw in that game and the offensive line for the Trojans was opening big holes for Thompson to run through and gave Corwin time to find Epps for all those TDs. The crazy thing is that the Tigers could still finish as the No. 2 team in that district when all is said and done and be hosting a first round game over at Tiger Field.
  17. I didn't think they could even release info on a minor. I'm not a lawyer, but……seems like they would want to keep that silent.
  18. I heard that this morning from a source as well. Is it in football or another sport?
  19. Miss the sisters from haileyville faith russell and hannah manning
  20. Currently Enid is 2-2 (0-1) in district play. They do have wins over Ponca City and Guthrie. If they can find a little something against Choctaw, Stillwater, Deer Creek and PCO they will make it. If they stumble with two of the four then it may come down to district points. Always comes down to winning games right?
  21. Was Broken Arrow's Week 0 loss to just them facing a better program or will they have issues this season?
  22. The Lawton Public School Board had recently passed a new rule that any student who had a felony would not be able to participate on athletic teams. Most thought that would keep runningback BJ Davis from playing at Lawton MacArthur this season. However, the school board announced that since his felony took place when he was a juvenile, it doesn't count toward their rule. What type of season will Davis have?
  23. Who has the best football stadium in the state?
  24. With two state titles in the past five seasons, is Anadarko the best football program in Southwest? Would they continually have the talent to compete in 5A if they went up from 4A?
  25. I put together this list of players to watch next year. Honestly, Stevenson is probably the one I'm most excited to see next year but you can't go wrong with Lazenby, Goodman or Garner. Anybody else that you think should be on this list? @Bill Huddleston-VYPESports @VYPEeditorBRADHEATH @VYPEeditorCalRoss
  26. When will the SE All Vype Basketball be released?
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